5 Vendors Wanted  – Dublin

Organisers are looking for an additional 5 vendors for a corporate event as follows:

Wanderers Rugby Club on June 1st.

Organisers will be installing 15 hot-food (10 already booked in) & 1 coffee for this event.

This a cash free event and each vendor is guaranteed a minimum of 200 servings at a maximum of €12 for food and €3 for coffee & ice cream at a maximum of €3.

Anything above 15200 portions can be invoiced to organisers at your menu price.

As this is a corporate event no display of prices please. Just food options and allergen.  

The cost to operate at each event is €300 + VAT.

If interested, please complete application form below. 

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Please note:

IOMST do not organise any of these markets or events. We simply share the information with you.