Belfast Pride Parade

About Event:


Join the party atmosphere at the pre-parade build up at the Belfast Pride Parade.


Pride has always been about Change – from its origins at Stonewall in 1969, in 1991 when the 100 pioneers marched in the first Belfast Pride and right through to today when tens of thousands people come together in Belfast under the Pride flag. The theme for Belfast Pride is ‘Demand Change’ and we want to see the biggest, loudest and proudest Belfast Pride Parade yet.


The parade is a chance to showcase our beautiful, diverse community and make a clear statement that we ‘Demand Change’ as they bring a rainbow of positivity to Belfast. Bring your friends, your family – whatever that means to you, bring your colleagues and anyone that matters to you to make a huge display of unity and solidarity on the streets of Belfast.


The parade is a huge event and they want everyone to be safe and to represent the community as best they can whilst having fun. It is important that you follow all instructions from the Pride Parade Officials and Stewards.



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