Clarenbridge Oyster Festival

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About the Oyster Fest

Great food, great Guinness, great music and entertainment all in a splendid marquee on the banks of the Claren River which flows through the village of Clarenbridge on the edge of Galway Bay.

Established in 1954 and going from strength to strength, this Clarenbridge Oyster Festival has become an integral part of life in the picturesque village of Clarenbridge in the south Galway.


The oysters are produced west of Clarenbridge village at Dunbulcan Bay. Protected by the bay from the force of Atlantic storms, the 700 acres of beds lie in an ideal mixture of fresh and sea water vital for perfect oyster development, taking from three to five years to grow for consumption. Over 100,000 oysters are eaten during the weekend celebration. The festival programme includes a market day, golf tournaments, yacht races, art and photographic exhibitions, a fine wine and gourmet evening, talks and lectures and the best-dressed-lady competition. The main emphasis, however, is on providing guests with a culinary experience that they will never forget with what many consider to be the best oysters in the world.


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