Dublin Bowie Festival

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January 10, 2023 – January 15, 2023


When David Bowie passed away in early 2016, the world collectively mourned. People gathered around his records, descended on his off-Broadway play, and watched the Man Who Fell To Earth repeatedly, through tearful eyes.  After a successful first festival at the Grand Social, this time the festival is hopping into venues all over the city and putting on all sorts of events. From an Ashes to Ashes cabaret to drag queen Veda’s Lashes to Lashes, there will be a cacophony of events screaming for your attention. Will you get your vocal cords wrapped around a BowieOke or would you rather mill around a Bowie-themed exhibition by the illustrators behind the Illustrators Guild of Ireland?


If you’d rather listen to Life on Mars? then climb aboard a spaceship and experience the real thing, this weekend festival is definitely for you.





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