Galway International Arts Festival

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Various venues in Galway City

Galway International Arts Festival is the festival of extraordinary experiences, a creative collision of performance, music, visual art, theatre and spectacle.


Whether turning a small Irish city on its head for two weeks, taking work on an international tour, or being a forceful year-round presence, every experience of the Galway International Arts Festival is an unforgettable encounter.
Rooted in Galway, the festival unlocks peoples’ passions and inspires new ways of thinking and acting. We are creative collision makers, sparking connections between the arts, between audiences and performers, between Galway and the world.


Every encounter with Galway International Arts Festival is an invitation to join a 21st century cultural pilgrimage seeking new horizons, embracing creativity and the unexpected. Strolling along the cobbled streets, every turn offers the possibility for new adventure; surreal giant puppets snaking through the streets, enchanting music, enthralling musicians and awe-inspiring street theatre.


From the all-out party atmosphere at the Festival Big Top to the quiet contemplation in the festival galleries…the festival transforms the city through the arts in an engaging, fun and authentic way. If you happen to visit Galway during the arts festival, expect to be transformed too. The Festival is special. Worlds, cultures and dreams collide inspiring passion and creativity.

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