Midland American Auto Club

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Since 2001 a group of Irish Head the Balls have been nuts about American cars and trucks.

The ringleader is a guy called Joe and he is the main one responsible for a massive invasion of V8 petrol and diesel engined vehicles every April.


The local filling station in Kilbeggan relishes the annual experience of over 400 American vehicles descending to refuel.

Be apart of this unique experience, the art, the engineering, the sounds, the beauty.


Admire the hundreds of cars, trucks and bikes proudly displayed, some in showroom condition, others in need of a little TLC, but all wonderful in their owners eyes.

The 2022 show will have over 400 cars, truck and bikes on display, including big rigs, movie cars, hot rods, rat rods, pick up trucks from the early 1900’s to the latest models.

There will be a large outdoor and indoor auto jumble section at the show.


Join them on Sunday 24th April 2022 from 11am.   Free parking.   Click here for full details.




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