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26TH – 28TH AUGUST 2022


A note for the Organisers.


A Taste of Donegal Food Festival has not taken place in the last two years due to the Covid 19 Pandemic. Following the Government announcement regarding the decrease in restrictions a committee meeting was held to decide whether to proceed with the 2022 festival.


The consensus was that as a voluntary organisation it would be too risky to go ahead given the apprehension that still exists in the public because of Covid 19. For A Taste of Donegal to be viable we need to have full occupancy of the marquees over the festival weekend, even though restrictions are lifted, we don’t feel the public will be confident enough to attend an event where large numbers of people will be gathered in close proximity to each other. There is also the uncertainty of emerging variants which may pose a threat to the event resulting in cancellation.


Therefore, we have decided to air on the side of caution and not host the 2022 festival but look forward to the return of A Taste of Donegal Food Festival in 2023.


However, we did decide to create a new foodie themed event which will take place over what would have been the food festival weekend. The dates for this will be Friday 26th – Sunday 28th August 2022 called “Savour the Flavour of Donegal Town”



The Concept of ‘Savour The Flavour of Donegal Town’ was part of the ‘Taste the Island ‘Initiative by Failte Ireland. It consisted of various events taking place throughout the town over 3 days. The programme involved foodie themed events with other activities.


Donegal Town became Irelands ‘Foodiest Town’ in 2019 and due to Covid 19 we never really got an opportunity to take advantage of this accolade. We are very conscious that we want to continue to maintain Donegal Town and County’s image as a foodie destination, we feel that this event will create a sense of pride locally of what we have to offer in the food space and generate confidence that things have returned to normal and looking forward to being able to host our flagship event A Taste of Donegal Food Festival 2023.





We will have outdoor cookery demonstrations on the Diamond which will include local and celebrity chefs.


A Donegal Food & Drink Producers market will take place in a location to be decided.


Our local Hotels, Restaurants, Food & Drink Producers, Food Outlets will create” Savour the Flavour “offers for their menus and on their premises.


We are hosting a long table event with a menu showcasing Donegal Food and Drink Produce in association with The Food Coast Donegal / Donegal Local Enterprise Office.


Donegal Food Tours will organise a food and drink tour of local eateries and food outlets to highlight the quality of local produce and offerings available within the town and surrounding areas.


Following the success of the introduction of our Cherrymore Kids Kitchen marquee to A Taste of Donegal 2019 we intend to continue with a full two-day programme of events with various experts concentrating on an appreciation of food and where it comes from and sustainability and biodiversity in a fun and interactive way which will include Children’s Cookery Classes in several locations throughout the town.


Let’s Play Donegal Town outdoor Play Event will be part of the weekend activities. This is part of the URBACT Playful Paradigm / Playful Town Initiative being led by Joy Harron Acting Senior Staff Officer, Strategic Funding Donegal County Council encouraging play in our public spaces e.g.  The Diamond.


Nature Walk; connecting locally with Nature along the Donegal Town Bank Walk by Nature Northwest.


Free admission to Donegal Castle on Sunday 28th August 2022


Free Admission for children to Donegal Railway Heritage Centre on Sunday 28th August 2022


Entertainment to suit all ages.


Chairperson Ernan Mc Gettigan is quoted as saying,


“The Committee sees this 3-day event as an important commercial platform providing inspiration and encouragement for local food and drink producers and entrepreneurs following the consequences of the Covid 19 Pandemic on themselves and their businesses.


This is the perfect opportunity to showcase why Donegal Town became Irelands Foodiest Town offering a unique standalone Food and Tourism visitor experience” Savour the Flavour of Donegal Town will create a distinctive experience by immersing visitors in the best Food and Drink Donegal Town has to offer. Local hotels restaurants, cafes will be creating dishes with local produce that will create a sense of place to include seasonal food and drink pairings, interactive experiences e.g., cocktail making, Wine appreciation


The benefits of hosting a number of children’s foodie themed activities is twofold as it will bring families to the town and at the same time educate children in a fun and interactive way on how to appreciate food.


By including elements of play / activities in public spaces e.g., the Diamond the committee feel that they will have helped to achieve some of the aims and objectives of the URBACT Playful Paradigm / Playful Town Initiative. Whose aim is to develop an innovative concept for promoting social inclusion, active healthy lifestyles & energy awareness, intergenerational & cultural mediation, place-making & economic prosperity, so that we may include play/activity elements to the public spaces. It is all about enhancing the space for physical and mental well-being for all users of the public space”



A warm welcome awaits you so come along Discover Dine & Delight in Irelands Foodiest Town.

Further details will follow on which is currently under construction. Updates will be on A Taste of Donegal Food Festival Facebook page.

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Ernan Mc Gettigan

A Taste of Donegal Food Festival




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