The Iveagh Market Due to Return.

Great News

The Iveagh Market has been Saved!

After decades of legal battles and years of neglect the iconic Iveagh Market returns control to the Iveagh Trust.

A discovery was made that it must be revert back to the trust if not developed as a market.

The plans are to develop and restore the building to its original the market.

Iveagh Market Dublin

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A look back at our history of markets in Ireland


Built in 1902 the Iveagh Market provided a year-round indoor place to trade and remained in operation until the 1990s. The building has laid empty since. 


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Who is this Market Trader?

This photograph was taken by Tom Holton on 15 July 1986.


While the Iveagh Market, Francis Street, Dublin is no more, the building and the memories of the lives of the traders that worked there remain. One such trader is pictured above seated at her clothes stall in the Iveagh Market, possibly on a tea break. Can you help to identify her? If you think you might know who she is, we’d love to hear from you at or alternatively via Twitter @RTEArchives.