Last Christmas For Moore Street? 1975

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In spite of the threat of redevelopment, it is business as usual on Moore Street in Dublin with shoppers seeking last minute Christmas bargains.

Moore Street in Dublin is as much as an event as a market, 

It’s loud and untidy and vulgar, it’s colourful and it’s full of life. It’s a place where the traders peddle their wares with all the showman ship of the ringmaster.

Christmas Eve found the street full of bargain hunters getting the last of the Christmas provisions and one butcher out on street drumming up business draws quite an audience.

You can’t go wrong when you come to Moore Street, the biggest supermarket in Europe.

Europa Inns Limited has made proposals to Dublin Corporation to build a major shopping centre on the site of 20 houses in the area of Henry Place and Moore Street. Their plans include a pedestrian mall to go through the shopping centre and out onto Moore Street. This redevelopment could see the demise of the old market, with some people fearing it may be experiencing its very last Christmas.

How much of the old market will be incorporated into the new isn’t clear but when it does finally go it will be missed.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 December 1975. The reporter is Derek Davis.