Rolls Royce Aristocrat of The Road 1977

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A look back at our history

Even Rolls Royce owners shop at jumble sales where one person’s junk is another’s gold.

In the old days, Rolls Royce engineers would travel the world to carry out repairs free of charge. While they will still travel, the owner must foot the bill for travel and maintenance. To avoid such expense, Sean Healy owner of a 47-year-old Rolls Royce, goes to a jumble sales in search of parts for his motor.

As a collector’s item, it could fetch £10,000 today.

In Limerick an auto jumble sale attracts car enthusiasts from around the country who have come to haggle for a bargain. Among the times for sale are car horns, headlights and carburetors.

Bob Charters is one of the organisers of the auto jumble sale and is responsible for bringing the event to Limerick for the first time. He has made a lucrative hobby out of restoring old cars. An example of one of Bob’s purchases is a hearse which he bought for £110, remodelled it as a saloon car and has now been offered £8,000 for it.

Money is the name of the game. What may be junk to some people is gold to others.

The dealers keep the prices very close to their chests, as all transactions are in cash and VAT free.

This ‘Newsround’ report was broadcast on 27 February 1977. The reporter is Peter McNiff.