Take Card Payments while out at Markets or Events


10% discount for IOMST Members.

Turn your smartphone into a card terminal.

It’s quick and easy.



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Why buy or rent an expensive card terminal when you can simply use your smartphone or tablet?


  • Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices
  • Operational anywhere via cellular or Wifi internet connection
  • Only 1.75% per transaction for IOMST members. No setup or monthly fees.Sum up chip and pin
  • Accept all Visa and Mastercards, Credit and Debit Cards
  • Chip and Pin Now available.


Accept card payments via text messaging.


Works without any additional hardware – simply send a payment link via text message


  1. Enter amount. App sends payment link to customer’s phone.
  2. Customer opens link, enters card information and confirms payment.
  3. Receive confirmation. SumUp will settle amount to your bank account.


Secure payments.

Process card payments with the highest industry security standards.

  • Sensitive data is never stored on the mobile device
  • EMV and PCI-DSS certified
  • SumUp guarantees the payout of your card transactions
  • Less cash in your store means less risk of theft


IOMST  are delighted to announce that  members can now avail of a 10% Discount on Sum up Transaction fees.

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