IOMST, formerly know as the Irish Organisaton for Market and Street Traders, is a memberhip organisation for small businesses and individuals with the mission of inspiring and enabling members from around Ireland to turn their ideas into a reality and build successful, sustainable businesses.

IOMST was founded with the specific goal of providing support to Irish market, event and street traders at a time when this area was undergoing dramatic changes and traders needed a central point where they could gain access to the services they needed to cope with these changes.

A key benefit of IOMST membership is that members are automatically eligible for IOMST membership Combined Liability insurance insurance. The membership insurance is now arranged by our Insurance Brokers Richardson Insurance and placed with AIG Ireland.

Since then, we have grown our membership to include a variety of additional small businesses such as artist, crafters, artisan food producers, entertainers/ performers, tour guides, classes/ teachers, and much more…

Coming from trading backrounds ourselves, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to guide/represent members through any difficulties which may arise.

We are a family run company with high morals and the determination to provide all members with a warm and trusting business relationship that can’t always be found with other companies.

“Successful people are the ones who hold on when everyone else had let go.”

How can we help?

Here are the kind of things we do:

  • Members are eligible for IOMST combined liability insurance facility Liability for your trading business placed by Richardson Insurance with AIG insurance.
  • Weekly Newsletter  providing news and information on what’s on and opportunities to trade across Ireland
  • Handbooks and guides – How to setup a business, food sellers, entertainer/ performers, health and safety, taxation, legal obligations and much more…
  • Members Questions where you can ask a question about your business and get the support you need.

Who are IOMST -Grainne & Greg

Just the two of us.

Yes, there is just the two of us behind the scenes here at IOMST. We have a passion for making things more simplified and helping members ask a question and get a simple answer.

Grainne –

Coming from a trading background and having previously traded in and been a part of many markets & events over the years, Grainne has the knowledge and experience to understand and respond to the challenges faced by traders on a daily basis. Grainne also has extensive experience liaising with councils/local authorities on all matters related to casual trading, trader’s rights and needs and is also a longstanding member of the Henry Street Traders committee in Dublin city.

Greg –

While also having a background in a trading environment, Greg also has extensive experience with business operation and management in a variety of industries, including the insurance sector which he relies upon to assist members currently. Greg also over sees the new business section and has helped grow the categories we cater for.

Why Markets?

Market trading is the oldest type of commercial distribution that exists throughout the countries of the European Union and indeed worldwide. First there were markets and from them villages and cities developed. Markets have played a major role in Irish life for many centuries particularly in rural areas.

They have provided not only regular locations for the sale of livestock, agricultural products, textiles, food products, groceries and other necessities at a time when shops were scarce, too far away or in some cases non-existing, but also provided a major social function in peoples lives.

Throughout history the market has been perceived as a place for bargain hunters and today, for many, this is still the case. However we are living in an era where people are more interested in quality goods and as most market traders are aware of this they are increasingly catering for this consumer.

Markets generate specific benefits for the community:

Markets bring (often locally produced) goods close to inhabited areas, which is particularly important for older people.

Because of its flexibility and concentration in terms of time and space, a market can bring a variety of products to the people that cannot be provided on a permanent basis in nearby shops.

In addition to encouraging competition and helping to regulate prices, markets can easily meet local demand.

By their social function markets help to create a sense of security among the public.

In our now multicultural society the social atmosphere generated by markets can help our newer ethnic groups integrate easier – not only by working in the markets but also by shopping and mingling.

With the new ethnic communities bringing their culture and goods to markets, they are becoming a more interesting place to visit. You can shop in a friendly atmosphere where young and old integrate, where different communities integrate, where you can enjoy the craic watching people bartering, or just relax with your cup of coffee.

There are a lot of different types of markets to visit nowadays – antique markets, food markets, arts and craft markets, farmers markets and of course general markets where the diversity of goods for sale is never-ending.

So if it’s shopping, relaxation, browsing, bargain hunting or just a good day out in a friendly atmosphere then the market is the place to go.