Brrr-illiant Tips for Staying Warm at Outdoor Markets

As the temperature drops and winter sets in, we understand that staying warm at outdoor markets becomes a top priority for our hardworking traders. Whether you’re offering cosy knits or hot beverages, it’s crucial to keep yourself warm and comfortable to provide the best experience for your customers. Here are some ‘brrr-illiant’ tips to help you stay toasty during chilly market days:

Warm Footing:

Invest in a small piece of carpet or a sturdy mat to stand on. This simple addition can make a world of difference by providing insulation from the cold ground. You can even use an old piece of Carboard this also has the same effect. Don’t worry, even if you forgot you can even use one of your car mats. 😄

Layer Up:

Dress in layers to trap heat close to your body. Start with thermal undergarments and add layers as needed. Don’t forget a windproof and waterproof outer layer to shield against the elements. Lots of thin layers is better than a heavy jumper or coat you can then regulate your temperature by taking of one layer or two depending on how many hot flushes you may get. 😄 😄 😄

Heated Accessories:

Consider investing in heated gloves and socks. These battery-powered wonders can keep your extremities warm, allowing you to focus on serving customers rather than battling the cold. You can find these on amazon or in your local hardware.

Insulated Footwear:

Keep your feet warm with insulated, waterproof boots. Cold and wet feet can quickly lead to discomfort, so investing in quality footwear is a smart move. 👍

Thermal Blankets or Throws:

Keep a stash of thermal blankets or throws handy. These can double as extra insulation for your stall or as a quick wrap when the chill sets in.

Hot Beverages:

Embrace the season by bringing a thermal with tea coffee or even soup. Sure who doesn’t need a comforting cuppa during slow moments.

Hand Warmers:

Hand warmers are a cost-effective and easy solution to keep your hands warm throughout the day. Tuck them into your gloves or pockets for instant heat. I have found these in my local Chemists they are so handy and you can get reusable ones.

Stay Active:

Keep moving! This is probably the best option as you can look busy and engage with your customers. Regular physical activity generates body heat, so take short breaks to stretch and move around.

Community Wisdom:

Share your own tips and tricks with fellow members. What works for one trader might be a game-changer for another, so let’s support each other through the colder months. Speaking of Community Wisdom, while discussing this post with a member Naomi she also suggested bringing a hot water bottle, can’t believe I missed that one, if you have an more you would like to add let me know e-mail me I would love to add your tips here too.

Remember, a warm and comfortable trader is a happy trader, and happy traders attract happy customers. We hope these tips help you brave the winter weather with confidence. Stay warm and keep those market stalls buzzing with positive energy!

Warm regards

Grainne & Greg