Discover the Market Clonmellon

On a glorious Sunday, the 21st of April, we embarked on a delightful journey to The Market Clonmellon in Westmeath, eagerly anticipating the treasures awaiting us. Blessed with the first glimpse of true Irish sunshine, we found ourselves amidst a tapestry of enticing craft stalls, artisan food and the alluring scent of barbecue drifting through the air, all setting the stage for the perfect morning adventure.

Market Square:

Nestled within the picturesque market square, The Market Clonmellon exuded a cozy charm that beckoned us in to explore. Underneath a canopy, seating arrangements provided the ideal sanctuary to pause, unwind, savor the moment  and immerse ourselves in the vibrant community spirit.

Celebrating Community Champions: Paula and Joan - The Heartbeat of The Market

In the heart of this bustling market, we had the pleasure of meeting Paula and Joan, the passionate souls who have, for the past four years volunteered their time  to curating this enchanting space. These remarkable ladies have selflessly devoted their time and energy to nurturing the market into a vibrant hub for the community. With an unwavering dedication and a genuine passion for the market, Paula and Joan have poured their hearts into creating a welcoming space where locals and visitors alike can come together to celebrate local talent and craftsmanship. Their commitment to fostering community spirit has provided a haven for people to connect, share stories and support one another. It’s through their tireless efforts that The Market Clonmellon has blossomed into the cherished gem it is today.

Let us paint a picture of what awaits you.

Nestled in the heart of Clonmellon lies our market, set within an enclosed market square surrounded by picturesque scenery. It’s the ideal location for a day of trading and community engagement. When it comes to amenities, we’ve got you covered. Onsite toilets are conveniently located in the indoor building, ensuring comfort and convenience for both traders and customers alike. 

Need a break? Head over to the café onsite for a steaming cup of tea or coffee and indulge in delicious treats. The café provides a cosy retreat for traders and customers to recharge between sales. Take advantage of our outdoor seating area nestled under gazebos provided by our organizers. It’s the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the ambiance of the market.

Parking is a breeze with ample space available on the road surrounding the market square. And with no vehicles allowed on the market square itself, customers can leisurely browse through the stalls without traffic disruptions.

Experience the warm embrace of the local community as traders and customers come together in a true spirit of inclusiveness. It’s a place where everybody knows your name, fostering genuine connections and a sense of belonging.

Traders have the flexibility to bring their own gazebo, although not all may be needed thanks to the ample outdoor space provided. Set up your stall with ease and showcase your products to eager customers.

Get ready for a day filled with trading, camaraderie, and endless possibilities at The Market Clonmellon. We can’t wait to welcome you to our thriving market community!

Unveiling the Stories Behind the Stalls:

As we leisurely wandered among the myriad of stalls, immersing ourselves in the bustling atmosphere of The Market Clonmellon, we found more than just goods for sale; we discovered narratives waiting to be shared. Each product on display was imbued with a story, a journey of creativity and dedication undertaken by the passionate souls who brought them to life.

So lets delve in and find out a little bit about the traders we encountered on our adventure and see what they each had to offer at this quaint charming little community market!

So who did we meet at the market?

We met the dynamic duo behind ION Oil, Andrea and Markus, at The Market Clonmellon. Hailing from a family farm nestled in the Midlands, they are on a mission to bring the finest cold-pressed oils to our tables. With a focus on quality and sustainability, their farm not only produces high-quality seeds and nuts but also processes them using gentle cold pressing techniques. Every step of the process, from filling the tins to labeling and packaging, is a labor of love meticulously carried out by the entire family. These artisanal oils are not only delicious but also brimming with health benefits, packed with vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Whether drizzled over salads, added to dips or smoothies, or used in cooking and baking, ION Oil’s products are a versatile and delicious addition to any meal. Plus, they’re perfect for vegetarians and vegans looking to enrich their diets with wholesome goodness.

We had the pleasure of meeting Agnes and her lovely family behind Wheelie Good Buns, a home bakery dedicated to crafting delicious treats made with love. Committed to using locally sourced ingredients, this Irish sustainable business takes pride in creating made-to-order goods for all occasions. Not only do they excel in taste, but they also uphold high standards in their production processes, packaging, and distribution. For them, food isn’t just sustenance; it’s a catalyst for bringing families and communities closer together. By sourcing ingredients, packaging, and energy from local, sustainable businesses, Wheelie Good Buns honors Irish heritage while supporting local families and the environment. Their artisanal bakery in Clonmellon is testament to their dedication to quality, tradition and community spirit.

It was a pleasure to meet Karen from Kasha’s Crafts, a talented artisan with a knack for creating a diverse range of handmade treasures. From printed tiles and mugs to coasters, handmade quilts and blankets, Karen’s creations reflect a blend of creativity and skill, each item meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail. Whether it’s through sewing, embroidery, or other artistic techniques, Karen brings her unique flair to every piece she creates. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of charm to your home or searching for the perfect gift, Kasha’s Crafts offers a delightful selection of handmade wonders to suit every taste and occasion.

We had the pleasure of meeting Michael and Patricia from Pastoral Green, creators of exquisite handmade wooden framed pictures and artwork. Their passion for art and photography shines through in every piece, whether it’s a hand-crafted frame, a mounted print, a painted pot, or a greeting card. With meticulous attention to detail and a love for their craft, they bring beauty and creativity into every home. Each item is carefully curated and crafted, reflecting their dedication to quality and authenticity. Whether you’re looking for a unique piece to adorn your walls or a heartfelt gift for a loved one, Pastoral Green’s creations make the perfect choice.


We met Sinead, another talented crafter at the market, offering an array of exquisite handmade treasures. From beautifully crafted cards to framed painted shells, elegant and colorful duck ornaments, and charming plates, each item exudes a sense of elegance and creativity. With meticulous attention to detail and a flair for design, Sinead’s creations are sure to add a touch of charm and sophistication to any space. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift or looking to add a unique accent to your home decor, Sinead’s collection of handmade wonders offers something for every taste and occasion.

It was a pleasure to meet Aoife from Wild ‘n’ Wonderful Prints, the creative force behind a delightful array of handmade greeting cards, watercolor paintings, pencil drawings, and nursery prints. Aoife’s dedication to her craft is evident in her use of sustainable and recycled materials, ensuring that each piece is not only beautifully crafted but also contributes to a more eco-friendly world. With a focus on custom-made creations, Aoife’s designs reflect the unique personalities and preferences of her clients, making each piece truly special. Whether adorning a nursery wall or sending a heartfelt message, Wild ‘n’ Wonderful Prints offers a range of charming and sustainable treasures to brighten any occasion.

We were delighted to meet Ruth and her young daughter Meena, the creative force behind Runa Creations – crafting   unique, cool, fun and colourful jewellery. Together, they bring their youthful energy and creative ideas to all their fun pieces.  From dainty necklaces to statement earrings, bracelets and more. With a shared love for design and a commitment to quality, Ruth and Meena are carving out their place in the world of jewelry-making, one super cute piece at a time.

Unfortunately, we missed the chance to meet Betty & Nancy’s as they were busy attending to customers. From what we gathered, Betty & Nancy’s is a delightful spot offering a range of tempting treats, including occasion cakes, treat boxes, and event catering services. Despite not being able to chat with them directly, their popularity among customers speaks volumes about the quality and appeal of their offerings. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply craving something sweet, Betty & Nancy’s seems to be the go-to destination for delicious indulgences.

We met the team from Mooney’s Organics, known for their commitment to providing fresh and wholesome fruits and vegetables. With a focus on organic produce, Mooney’s ensures that their offerings are not only delicious but also grown sustainably and with care for the environment. Their dedication to quality and freshness shines through in every item they offer, making them a favorite among health-conscious shoppers. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ingredients for a nutritious meal or simply want to indulge in the goodness of organic produce, Mooney’s Organics is sure to have something to satisfy your cravings.

We had the pleasure of meeting the talented artisans behind L and J Chocolate, creators of delectable Belgian chocolate delights. Nestled in North Tipperary, they passionately craft their chocolates using locally sourced ingredients, ensuring freshness and quality with every bite. What sets their chocolates apart is their commitment to purity; no preservatives, no flavorings—just pure, unadulterated indulgence. Each bite is a testament to their dedication to creating legendary chocolate experiences that celebrate the rich dairy heritage of the region. Indulge in the goodness of L and J Chocolate and savor the taste of true craftsmanship and local flavor.

Dempseys Jam

We had the pleasure of meeting Patrick from Dempseys Jam, a multi-award-winning treasure made right here in Westmeath. Known for its fruity goodness and jammy perfection, Dempseys Jam has garnered accolades for its irresistible flavors. With each jar packed full of vibrant taste and local charm, it’s no wonder Dempseys Jam stands out as a favorite among jam enthusiasts. Whether you spread it on toast, swirl it into yogurt, or use it to elevate your favorite dessert, Dempseys Jam brings a burst of Westmeath flavor to every bite.

Tracy Little pink shed

We had the pleasure of meeting Tracy from Tracy’s Little Pink Shed, a charming trader offering an array of delightful treasures. From decorated candles to intricately crafted wreaths, frames, and other decorative items, Tracy’s collection exudes charm and elegance. Each piece reflects Tracy’s attention to detail and creative flair, making her Little Pink Shed a treasure trove of unique finds. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift or looking to add a touch of beauty to your home, Tracy’s collection promises something special for every discerning shopper.

It was a pleasure to meet Laura from Rain & Wild, the curator behind a delightful collection of Irish candles. Each candle is carefully handcrafted with love, reflecting Laura’s dedication to creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also evoke a sense of fun, wit, and happiness. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for quality, Laura’s collection offers a range of scents and designs that are sure to delight the senses and uplift the spirit. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift, Rain & Wild candles are guaranteed to bring a touch of joy to any space.

It was a pleasure to meet Paula from Lus Aromatherapy, a passionate advocate for natural, organic and holistic skincare. Paula’s dedication to sustainability and eco-friendliness shines through in her carefully curated collection of beauty and personal care products. From soothing comfrey balms to luxurious cold-pressed soaps and aromatherapy balms, each item is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. With a focus on harnessing the power of nature’s ingredients, Lus Aromatherapy offers a range of products that not only nourish the skin but also soothe the soul. Whether you’re looking to pamper yourself or seeking holistic solutions for skincare, Paula’s collection is sure to leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and radiant.

We had the pleasure of meeting Leo Mulligan, a talented photographer, printer, and framer whose passion lies in capturing the beauty of landscapes. Leo’s expertise extends to analogue printing techniques, adding a timeless quality to his stunning photographs. With a keen eye for composition and a deep appreciation for the natural world, Leo’s work showcases the breathtaking vistas and hidden gems of the landscapes he explores. Whether framed on a wall or displayed in a portfolio, Leo’s photographs evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation for the world around us.

It was a pleasure to meet the creative mind behind oopsadaisy, the enchanting world of handmade faux wreaths. This talented lady pours her heart and soul into crafting each wreath, infusing them with charm and elegance. With meticulous attention to detail and a flair for design, oopsadaisy wreaths add a touch of warmth and beauty to any space. Whether adorning your front door or gracing your interior decor, these handmade creations are sure to delight and inspire all who encounter them.

It was a pleasure to meet Michelle from Crawford’s Rock, a passionate advocate for the sea and its rich offerings. As the driving force behind Crawford’s Rock Seaweed, Michelle’s dedication to artisanal craftsmanship shines through in her multi-award-winning products. From gourmet seasonings to captivating books and skincare essentials and capsules, each item reflects Michelle’s deep connection to the ocean and her commitment to sustainability. With a focus on quality and innovation, Crawford’s Rock offers a range of artisanal treasures that celebrate the bounty of the sea while nurturing the body and soul.

It was a pleasure to meet Ray from La Castrileña Cortijo Calistro, a purveyor of organic extra virgin olive oil and almonds. Ray’s commitment to quality and sustainability shines through in his products, offering the finest olive oil and almonds straight from the orchard. Additionally, the chocolate-covered blueberries were a delightful treat, showcasing the perfect blend of wholesome ingredients and indulgent flavors. Ray’s dedication to providing delicious and nutritious offerings is truly commendable, and his products are sure to be enjoyed by all who savor them.

We met the guys from frayne_woodcraft, masters of handmade wood creations and personalised walking sticks, located in Kildalkey. Their stall featured an array of finely crafted pieces, including a stunning beech fruit bowl, ash cutting boards and a captivating spalted beech centerpiece. From garden wind spirals to custom walking sticks, each item is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and quality. With a focus on unique designs and personalised service, frayne_woodcraft offers a diverse selection of exquisite wood creations that are sure to impress. With a dedication to quality and attention to detail, frayne_woodcraft exemplifies the artistry of handmade wood creations. Whether you’re seeking functional pieces for everyday use or decorative accents to enhance your living space, their collection is sure to impress.

We had the pleasure of meeting Aoife, the creative mind behind crafty_wagon in Dublin. Aoife’s handmade cards and canvases are crafted with love and attention to detail, making them perfect for any occasion or to brighten someone’s day. She prides herself on creating unique pieces that reflect the customers interests, whether it’s their favorite color, flower, or hobby like music. Drawing inspiration from her family, Aoife incorporates wooden embellishments and floral themes into her designs, adding warmth and charm. Each piece is carefully crafted in her studio, where she selects materials with a keen eye for detail. Whether you’re browsing her collection or have something specific in mind, crafty_wagon offers heartfelt and personalised gifts for every occasion.

We had the pleasure of meeting Helen, the creative force behind Charm by Helen, specialising in exquisite handmade jewellery. Helen’s collection features an array of stunning pieces, including handmade beaded earrings, turquoise boho earrings, boho style antique silver necklaces, zodiac earrings, gemstone necklaces, and unique key rings. Each piece is meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail, reflecting Helen’s passion for creating beautiful accessories. Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to elevate your outfit or a personalised gift for a loved one, Charm by Helen offers a diverse selection of handmade jewellery that exudes style and sophistication.

We also met Ray from Quarrymount Free Range Meats, a master of traditional butcher skills. Ray’s commitment to providing customers with top-quality meat products and personalised service sets him apart from larger retail outlets. With a dedication to quality and craftsmanship, Quarrymount Free Range Meats offers a range of premium cuts that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning tastes.

In addition to his butcher offerings, Ray also treated customers to sizzling burgers at the hot food stand. Made with the same care and attention to detail as his meat products, these burgers were undoubtedly a hit among market-goers.   We couldn’t resist the alluring smell and treated ourselves to one of these mouthwatering burgers, it was just what we needed to keep us going!

Although we missed the chance to meet Roots and Shoots in person as they were packing up, their presence at the market left a lasting impression. This small group of avid gardeners are dedicated to offering seasonal plants at affordable prices, catering to fellow gardening enthusiasts. Despite our brief encounter, their commitment to providing quality plants and fostering a love for gardening in the community was evident. Next time, we’ll be sure to catch them early to explore their offerings and perhaps share gardening tips and stories.

As we conclude our journey through the bustling market stalls and vibrant community spirit, one thing becomes abundantly clear: the passion, creativity, and dedication of each trader we encountered. From artisanal crafts to mouthwatering treats, their offerings are more than just products; they’re a reflection of the heart and soul poured into every creation.

As we bid farewell to the market, we reflect on the sights, sounds and stories shared. May we continue to support these talented individuals and celebrate the beauty of handmade craftsmanship, knowing that behind every purchase lies a world of passion and creativity.

Until next time, may your days be filled with Market joy and discovery. Happy trading, happy creating and happy exploring!


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