Gazebo or Food Truck/ Trailers, for Hot Food Traders?? Part 2

Gazebo or Food Truck/ Trailers, for Hot Food Traders?? For Part 1 click the link

Part 2 – Pros and Cons of Food Trucks


Easy for setting up – With a food truck you can drive to a location, park up and start serving with minimal setup.

Professional looking – A lot of food trucks are converted to a very high standard and along with good branding makes them stand out. Decals and vehicle wraps can be applied to freshen up brands over time.

Eliminates towing – Food trucks have their own engines which means there is no need for towing, which saves time on setting up and packing away.

Easy to park – Food trucks are relatively easy to park because they are one unit and can move between different locations relatively easy. Also, barring certain large units, these can generally be driven on a standard car licence.


Relatively expensive – Food trucks are not cheap and they are the most expensive mobile catering unit. Commercial motor insurance for these also tends to be considerably more expensive.

Mechanical failure – This can be an issue especially with older vintage models and if the engine fails you can’t get to the event and trade.

Limited space – Some food trucks tend to be relatively small with means limited space for equipment and cooking. This can also limit the ability to expand should a larger capacity trading opportunit arise.

Maintenace costs – Because a food truck has an engine aside from commercial kitchen equipment the cost of maintenance will be higher. The vehicle will also be subject to annual commercial vehicle testing, alongside other maintenance costs for specialist cooking equipment (gas certification/pat testing etc).

Storage costs – It is advisable that food trucks are not left at the side of the road where they are vunerable to vandalism and theft. This means they need to be stored in a secure location, which may mean renting a suitable premises if you don’t have yourself.