Gazebo or Food Truck/ Trailers, for Hot Food Traders?? Part 3

Gazebo or Food Truck/ Trailers, for Hot Food Traders?? For Part 1 and Part 2 click the link

Pros and Cons of Food Trailers

For the most part food trailers are usually custom built from scratch as dedicated mobile food outlets and range in size from around 6ft to 18+.

Some exceptions are Horse boxes or Airstreams trailers, which start as mobile homes/caravans or and are later converted into food trailers.


Relatively cheap – Food trailers are a good medium between a food trucks and food stall and costs significantly cheaper than a food truck.

More space – Food trailer tends to be larger than food trucks going up to 18ft +, which means more space for cooking, equipment and staff.

Built to specification – Food trailers are generally built from scratch to be dedicated food units, as opposed to converted food trucks, which means you can custom design the layout and size.

Lower maintenance costs – Food trailers do not have an engine which means things are less likely to break down resulting in lower maintenance costs.


Towing – Food trailers have to be towed which can make it awkward when pitching up in tight spaces and are also harder to move between locations. You may also need an additional licence to tow trailers over a certain size/weight.

Longer set up – With a food trailer you have to unhitch the trailer from your vehicle when you set up and hitch it back on again when you leave.

Storage costs – Like a food truck, you can’t leave a food trailer on the side of the road for the reasons we discussed previously. Again, unless you have a large drive or suitable storage area this means finding suitable storage for the unit overnight.

Extra insurance – While many motor insurance companies include third party liabilty for trailers on commercial vehicle policies, it is a reccomended that you confirm this, in writing, with your own insurer. Some may also cover comprehensively but this is generally at additional cost. You may also need to consider Accidental Damage, Fire & Theft insurance for when the trailer is off the road. Remember, this is your whole business tied to the back of a vehicle.